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The Holistic method of examining the Skeleton and joints of a body and giving treatment to relax entire body is known as Osteopathy. An ancient Japanese technique using elbows and thumbs to stimulate energy flow in the whole body is known as Shiatsu.


People who are suffering from body pains related to different tissues, joints, and muscle should visit an Osteopathy Shiatsu therapist and get relaxation. Osteopathy Shiatsu therapist will diagnose the entire body and discuss with the patient about what treatment and technique that are suitable for their condition. Every individual has a different body, and Osteopathy Shiatsu Therapist can touch and identify the problem areas of a person by palpation.

Mobile Massage Shiatsu therapist identifies the source and symptoms of any troublesome condition and addresses the issues at their earliest stages before the problem can get worse and become extremely painful. Osteopathy therapist applies pressure on various body points by gentle stretching and mobilization of joints by thumbs, elbow, and foot.

Before the start of any Shiatsu session, a padded mat or a futon is put on the floor and patient rests on it or a flat massage table while wearing comfortable clothing. Only an expert knows how much pressure to apply at what point so that the energy flows to get rid of pains by appropriate use of thumbs, palms, fingers, elbows and feet. Gently using these mastered techniques of pressure and holding time, it releases tension in the muscle and stiff joints by cupping method and nourishes the patient’s body. It will then restore normal muscle function and smoother joint movement.

Benefits of Mobile Massage Shiatsu treatment:

Our emotional, physical health depends on our mental condition, and if we are not healthy our energy depletes or gets stuck. It is advisable to meet an Osteopathy Shiatsu therapist because they are trained practitioners for various ailments in the body.

There is a broad range of successful techniques that are available for treatment of different diseases. These extremely efficient procedures are used by Osteopathy Shiatsu therapist to relieve skeletal and muscular pain for the following:

  • Neck, shoulder and lower back – Therapist specialty to get rid of pains
  • Reduced mobility due to Joint pains – can be cured by proper techniques by expert by less pain
  • Repetitive headaches and in migraines
  • Pelvis, Hip, knee, foot and ankle problems – reduced by applying various methods of pressure
  • Insomnia due to Stress – relaxation is given with meditation and professional techniques
  • Arthritis – Pain reduced by relaxation techniques by expert
  • Problems related to Menstrual & PMT
  • Respiratory and Digestive problems
  • Injuries caused during sports

Medicines can help you get to relax from pain, but an Osteopathy Shiatsu therapist can treat you by his mastered relaxation techniques and have better health. It is advised to book an appointment with Mobile Massage Shiatsu therapist and enjoy your healthy life.

An expert Osteopathy Shiatsu therapist will evaluate individuals condition and determine the ways to help get rid of the pain. Advice is given based on a condition for simple self-help treatment methods during later stages. I am sure you will be deeply calm, alive and feel relaxed after the session by an expert Osteopathy Shiatsu therapist.


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